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2016 R14 Annual Leadership Conference Site

Neysha Soodeen giving the Closing Keynote address
Glynis Alexander Tam, VP Finance & Debra Johnson, VP Education & Certification recapping the Region 14 Conference
Gina Lynch speaks on Community Outreach
Bill Kay making his presentation on Ethics, The Heart of Leadership
President H & Glynis Alexander Tam keeping the conference 'on stream.'
Dr. Ricardo Vincent, VP Compliance asking a question of Dr. Joseph Khan
Dr. Joseph Khan taking hard questions from the 'far left.'
Dr. Joseph Khan making his presentation on Psycho Dynamics in the Project Environment at the Open Session
Francis Wade conducting the Workshop on The Surprising Science Behind Choosing Productive Chapter Volunteers
Breakout Session 2C: Strategic Planning with Kamla Rampersad de Silva (VP Technical Session)
Breakout Session 2B: Growing and Keeping Volunteers with Gina Lynch (NEFL)
Breakout Session 2A: A Model For Successful Membership Growth with Glynis Alexander Tam (VP Finance) and Steve Sankar (VP Special Events & Volunteerism)
Breakout Session 1B: Developing Leadership with Anderson Gordon of Anderson Gordon & Associates
Breakout Session 1A: Organizing and Aligning Volunteer Leaders - William Wagner
Patricia Garafano, PMP, PMI-ACP PMI Educational Foundation Community Engagement Committee
Left to Right Kamla Rampersad de Silva, VP Technical Sessions Narayan Ramtahal, Former VP Compliance Dr. Ricardo Vincent, VP Compliance
Dr. James T. Brown, SEBA Solutions Inc.(@JamesTBrown)

2016 R14 Annual Leadership Conference, Tobago

May 12, 2016 - Day 1

 09:30 Golf Tournament
 Tobago Plantations
 17:00 Registration & Cocktail Reception

May 13, 2016 - Day 2

Welcome - PMISCC President
 Greetings from R14 Mentor
Greetings from PMI

Welcome Address - Hon. Orville London, Chief Secretary, Tobago House of Assembly

Feature Presentation - Dr. James T. Brown
Team Building in a Project Environment (Kindergarten Skills You Can Use)
PMI Education Foundation - Patricia Garafano

Breakout Sessions 1:
1A - Organizing & Aligning Volunteer Leaders - William Wagner
1B - Developing Leadership - Anderson Gordon
Breakout Sessions/Forums 2:
2A - A Model For Successful Membership Growth - Glynis Alexander Tam (PMI SCC)
2B - Growing & Keeping Volunteers - Gina Lynch (NEFL)
2C - Strategic Planning - Kamla Rampersad de Silva (PMI SCC)
PMI Presentation - Mary Keller (PMI)

Workshop - Francis Wade
The Surprising Science Behind Choosing Productive Chapter Volunteers
Braintrust Presentation

Breakout Sessions 3:
3A - Best Practices on Remote Meetings (Doug Winters)
3B - The Ethical Balance of Win-Win Scenario (Orlando Olmo)
3C - PMI Above the Chapter Level (Jim Devine & Joe Paschall)
Breakout Scessions 4:
4A - Managing Chapter Finance (Sharon Weatherly - NEFL)
4B - Social Media: How To Get Started & Remain Focused (Gina Lynch - NEFL)
4C - Leadership Challenges: Impact & Influence (Rochelle Hood)
Wrap Up

Trinbago Dinner & Lime

May 14, 2016 - Day 3

 07:50 Welcome Remarks
 08:00 Open Session - Dr. Joseph Khan
 Psycho-Dynamics In The Project Environment
 09:15 Breakout Sessions 5:
5A - Ethics, The Heart of Leadership (Bill Kay)
5B - Now 4C
5C - Community Outreach (Gina Lynch - NEFL)
 10:20 Region 14 Recap By Function Group
 11:25 Closing Keynote - Neysha Soodeen
 12:15 Raffle 
 12:45 Vote for Hosting 2017 R14 Meeting
 Closing Remarks PMI SCC President

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